eziPOD Smart Lockers vs Normal Coin Laundry Machine

“I love doing laundry”, said no one ever. Dreading the thought of tackling yet another pile of dirty laundry that’s lurking in the corner? You’re not alone. Conquering Mount Washmore is a constant uphill battle. Some of us don’t have laundry facilities in our homes or apartments, hence we rely on self-service laundromats for freshly-laundered clothes. Regular coin-operated laundry, or ultra-modern smart lockers: that is the question. Here’s what these folks have to say about their laundry of choice.

“I’ve never heard of laundry lockers before until I saw eziPOD’s smart lockers being placed in my office building. Coincidently, I wanted to dry clean my business suits but couldn’t find the time to drop by at a self-service laundry, so I gave eziPOD a try. I’m truly impressed! All the processes from signing up to payment were done seamlessly via the eziPay app. No more waiting around aimlessly – I collected my suits from the locker after I got notified via the app.”

– John Ng, Marketing Manager

“I reside in a condominium. Due to limited space in my balcony, it’s troublesome when it comes to cleaning bulky household items like curtains and bedding. Previously, I have to drive out to the nearest coin laundry to get them cleaned. Now that eziPOD lockers are available in my condo complex, I can place an order and then drop off my laundry in the designated smart locker at my convenience. Definitely saved on time and fuel.”

– Ariana Ghani, Freelance Graphic Designer

“I’m busy with classes during weekdays. Saturday is laundry day for me – if I don’t have any plans, or I’m not bogged down with assignments and revisions for exams. There’s a coin-operated laundromat near my dorm, but it’s usually packed with other laundry-goers on weekends. I loathe the waiting time! I discovered eziPOD lockers in a shopping mall I frequently visit. Tried out the Laundry & Iron service and I loved how my outfits came back all clean and crisp.

– Thina Devi, University Student

“My home is already equipped with a washing machine. I’ll only pop into my neighbourhood coin laundry when I need to wash my kids’ soft toys, or at times when there are loads of dirty clothes piling up due to continuous rainy days. The coin-operated washing machines and dryers have pretty straightforward dials and touch-control panels, so they’re user-friendly. Wished the laundry outlet offers ironing service though.”

– Haya Ali, Housewife

“To be frank, laundry is my least favourite chore. Then again, I can’t stand the thought of rewearing clothes, even if there’s no visible stains. When I get home from work, the first agenda is to gather my clothes and visit my local self-service coin laundry. You can say that I’m a regular there. I like the fact that there are detergent and drinks vending machines available, so I don’t have to bring my own. The waiting time can be long sometimes, thus I usually catch up on my reading to pass the time.”

Daryl Kumar, Personal Trainer

“I’m very particular about how my clothes are being laundered, especially my delicates. I had a bad experience with a traditional laundry outlet before, where my favourite jumpsuit got ruined because the staff didn’t know how to handle them with care. Hence, coin-operated laundry is my preferred choice. It’s well-equipped with easy-to-use washers and dryers. Also, it opens from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, which is fine by me.”

– Rose Tiah, Fashion Buyer

Don’t let dirty laundry take control. Keep calm, get motivated, and cross the mountain of laundry off your to-do list!