Know Your Denim

Take a quick look at your wardrobe – chances are, you own a few pairs of jeans in various colours and cuts. There’s no shame in being a denim diva. After all, jeans are the world’s most widely worn garment. Dress it up or dress it down: either way, you’ll look effortlessly stylish in a pair of jeans. Everyone loves a great figure-flattering jeans. However, hunting for that elusive pair is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It takes multiple try-ons to find the perfect fit. Don’t know where to begin? Fret not, we’ve decoded every possible denim styles out there.


The go-to classic jeans fit because it flatters most body types, including athletic or muscular build. As its name suggests, straight-legged denims do not widen downwards – it has the same fit from the waist to the ankles without any variance. Plus point: They make your legs appear longer. YAAASS!!!


Want to flaunt those lean legs that you have worked hard for? A pair of “skinnies” will do just that. The figure-hugging skinny jeans fit snugly to the contours of your body. It clings at the thighs and calves, and traces down to the hems (hence the narrow leg opening). Nowadays, skinny jeans are made of stretch denim material to shape and lift your figure, while offering extra comfort. 


Not to be confused with its skinny counterpart, slim-fit denims have a narrow leg opening that doesn’t flare out. Slim-fit jeans have a tighter fit compared to straight jeans. However, they do not have the snugness of skinny jeans, thus offering you more room to move around without constraints. 


Fun fact: The bootcut style was inspired by trousers that were commonly worn by cowboys, where they are tapered at the knees and then widens at the ankle to accommodate their boots. The modern-day bootcut jeans are more tapered to keep up with the current fashion trends. Furthermore, bootcut jeans look good on most body types because they create the illusion of a sleek silhouette.


No, we’re not referring to those cancer sticks. The cigarette fit is a figure-hugging pants with a narrow, straight style from knees down. Think of cigarettes as the love child between straight cut and skinny jeans. In addition, cigarette jeans are not full length – they stop somewhere above your ankles. Put on the right pair of shoes (or heels) and you’re all set!


The perfect combination of jeans and leggings. Unlike your usual denims, jeggings are made of cotton or viscose with higher percentage of stretchable materials, such as spandex and elastane. Instead of the standard zipper-and-button closure, jeggings typically have an elastic waistband. They are available in a plethora of styles and shades – giving you the comfort of leggings and that chic denim look. 

Fashion trends come and go, but denims will always be in style.