Parcel Delivery Gets More Convenient

Nowadays online shopping became an important part of our daily activities due the fact that online shopping has many more advantages compared to going to a physical store to buy what you need. A few of those advantages are 24/7 shopping, price comparison, online sales, greater choice, free shipping and of course not to forget worldwide shopping. E-commerce and internet have drastically changed the way we shop for clothes and all other products we need in the last decade, and this is just the start. The forecast for coming decades is that the amounts we spent on shopping online will only keep increasing year by year.

Most of the parcels we order will be delivered during working hours, that means that most of us are not home to accept our parcel. Some condominiums security-employees or the management will accept the package for you so you can pick to up later, this is not always the best option, because sometimes the package get damaged or lost and its your own responsibility. A lot of people also have to reschedule the delivery or sometimes even go to the package sorting center to pick it up. This all makes online shopping not that convenient as it has to be.

Lately parcel locker services are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia due the fact that your parcel will be delivered in one of the lockers you choose. That means when you get the notification that your parcel arrived you can go to pick your parcel up at anytime that is the most convenient for you. eziPOD recently added a parcel collection service feature to the laundry lockers, this will give you the possibility to pick up their parcel in their own condominium anytime they want or in a condominium/mall that is close by for you.