Using Smart Locker Laundry Instead of Self-Service Laundry

Love it or loathe it – you can’t avoid laundry days forever, unless wearing the same clothes repeatedly is your thing. Self-service laundry is a godsend, however the waiting time during peak hours is a nightmare. While coin-operated laundry shops have mushroomed over the years, there’s a slow but steady rise of smart locker laundries… Read more »

How to start a laundry business in Malaysia

Laundry is a household chore that’s often viewed unfavourably. Despite the perpetual need for clean clothes (read: EVERY DAY), this rather simple job is daunting to many because, (1) it’s time-consuming (wash, dry, fold, iron, repeat) and (2) lack of space (for those living in high-rise buildings). With the upsurge of self-service laundry outlets in… Read more »