Using Smart Locker Laundry Instead of Self-Service Laundry

Love it or loathe it – you can’t avoid laundry days forever, unless wearing the same clothes repeatedly is your thing. Self-service laundry is a godsend, however the waiting time during peak hours is a nightmare. While coin-operated laundry shops have mushroomed over the years, there’s a slow but steady rise of smart locker laundries of late. A relatively new concept in Malaysia, these smart lockers are poised to change the way we do our laundry. How so? Read on.

1) Cashless, Baby!

As the name implies, a coin-operated laundry requires cash to use its washing machines and dryers. With plastic cards (debit and credit cards) and e-wallets reigning supreme in today’s society, ain’t nobody got spare change stashed in their pockets all the time! Smart laundry lockers offer secure payment options via their proprietary apps, so you can pay for your desired laundry services in just a few taps. Easy-peasy!

2) 24/7 Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Commercial self-service laundry outlets are bound by opening hours. Even though 24-hour laundromats are available, let’s be real – who would want lug their pile of clothes to a laundry outlet in the wee hours? If it’s located in a commercial hub that never sleeps, good luck finding a parking spot. What sets 24/7 smart lockers apart from self-service laundry is the hassle-free drop-off and pick-up processes. In a nutshell, do your laundry at your convenience.

3) Zero Queuing

In today’s rapidly-expanding world, we’re constantly on the go. Seizing the day, getting work done – you know the drift. Most of us wouldn’t want to spend too much time on mundane things like laundry, hence we rely on self-service laundry. Making a trip the the nearest laundry shop in your neighbourhood or workplace can be tiresome, especially the outlet is filled with other laundry-goers. Traditional laundry shops do exist, but there’s a possibility of them rejecting new incoming laundry orders when they’ve reached their capacity. That’s when smart lockers come into play. All you have to do is locate the closest laundry locker spot, unlock a locker, drop off your clothes or household items (e.g. bedding, curtains, and even soft toys!), lock ‘em up, and off you go – no more wasting time waiting in line!

4) Safe and Reliable

Best part about smart lockers? You don’t have to sit around and wait for your laundry – definitely an ideal solution for people who dislike small talk. Smart laundry lockers can only be accessed through a dedicated app, thus protecting your laundry from unauthorised parties. The one-stop app not only enables consumers to pay their laundry services via various secure payment methods, but it also sends out alerts to notify users once their laundries are ready to be picked up from the smart lockers. Pretty nifty, eh?

Innovation drives industries forward, thus laundry businesses in Malaysia need to adapt to the evolving market to meet consumer expectations. With new technologies emerging in the laundry industry, smart lockers are viewed as a versatile alternative to eliminate the inconveniences of self-service laundry.

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