What are the benefits of smart lockers?

The revolution of technology has changed all of us by the years and that will only keep on increasing for the coming decades. Technology has simplified our lives a lot till the point we can not life without it anymore. The smart locker is one of the items that became very famous for many services… Read more »

How Often Do You Do Your Laundry?

Have you ever considered that the cleanliness of your clothes could also impact your health? Researches have shown that germs and bacteria’s can survive on your clothes for about 4-6 hours or some even up till 5 months. Our bodies are constantly producing oils, sweat and shedding dead skin cells so not washing your clothing… Read more »

eziPOD vs Self-Service Laundry

Laundry is the bane of our existence, but it’s a necessary evil. A day of doing laundry involves setting aside several hours for washing, drying, and folding (plus ironing for easily-wrinkled clothes). Then again, having a stack of freshly-laundered outfits to choose from daily is worth the effort. So how do one breeze through his… Read more »

Reasons to Start a Smart Laundry Business Instead of a Coin Laundry Business

To the ordinary person, operating a laundry business looks pretty straightforward: You take in dirty laundry and churn out freshly cleaned laundry. Reality check: it takes a whole lot more than laundered clothes to really thrive. Laundromat business has been proven to generate potentially high return, plus tertiary skills are not required to get started.… Read more »

Using Smart Locker Laundry Instead of Self-Service Laundry

Love it or loathe it – you can’t avoid laundry days forever, unless wearing the same clothes repeatedly is your thing. Self-service laundry is a godsend, however the waiting time during peak hours is a nightmare. While coin-operated laundry shops have mushroomed over the years, there’s a slow but steady rise of smart locker laundries… Read more »

How to start a laundry business in Malaysia

Laundry is a household chore that’s often viewed unfavourably. Despite the perpetual need for clean clothes (read: EVERY DAY), this rather simple job is daunting to many because, (1) it’s time-consuming (wash, dry, fold, iron, repeat) and (2) lack of space (for those living in high-rise buildings). With the upsurge of self-service laundry outlets in… Read more »